I can definitely say that my mind is sharper

by Jan 14, 2020Testimonial0 comments

This testimonial made me cry … happy tears. From Ruth who is only on day 12 of the 21 day gut healing program with husband Garry. “Thank YOU Andrea!! I can definitely say that my mind is sharper, my skin is better, I haven’t had my daily heartburn and reflux, I physically feel that my insides are better, my taste buds are VERY different and I honestly haven’t craved the things I would normally be wanting. Crisps mainly!! And SO important to me, I have been taking some form of sleeping aid for so long I cannot remember how many years, and guess what? I have not taken anything and I am sleeping. Andrea this is like winning the lottery for me, magic. Also, as the mind fog started to disappear I kept blinking – must be like having cataracts removed. Everything much sharper. I think I can feel my cells enjoying food for the first time. Another thing that comes to mind (see, this is my failing, once I start talking I can’t stop!) is portion control. We have eaten a lot less but enjoyed every mouthful…..you can actually feel the crunch of cucumber. A winning combo was smoked salmon with lettuce, cottage cheese and cucumber and black olives. Instead of have a load just dolloped on the plate, I would lovingly spread out one large lettuce leaf and then make a pretty picture with one slice of smoked salmon blah blah blah. None of that was intentional – it just happened. Then we realised we were actually tasting our food. Delicious. This has been a transformational experience and I will be telling everyone I know that they owe it to themselves to do this. A great way to start the year and the decade. Thank you so much for your support. The entire experience has been brilliant, and we would definitely do it again. You are more than welcome to use any of my words, but just to add that we have also lost weight but no idea how much as our scales are broken. Let me just say my rubber ring buoyancy aid around my stomach has developed a puncture 🤣 and ps….I will let Garry speak for himself but I have noticed he is much less anxious and joy of joys he is getting his old sense of humour back. He is in the kitchen at the moment happily chopping veg and blending spices and stuff to make our dinner for tonight, a happy chappy!

– Ruth Fry