Andrea’s 28 Days To Optimal Health Programme has pulled me back from brink. To paint a picture of how poorly I was before the programme I will admit that I only chose to contact Andrea as her name was first on the page I was scrolling at Natural Health Worldwide. I knew I needed some advice on ketogenic diets and at the time I had no energy to search any further.

Little did I know this programme is more than just a diet. It was in fact a very strategic guidance in changing layers of my lifestyle – food, sleep, breathing etc. in a pace that suited me and very personalised with demands I could cope with.

Prior to contacting Andrea I fell into a swamp of Internet podcasts, blogs, websites from quantum biology to carnivore diet – Andrea has brought me back up where I had to think of some basics first. It has been a journey from chaos to order, with some room now for creativity.

Here I am now 28 days later and I am not only being able to focus and write these words, but I feel energised, I can function socially and get back to my job. And most of all, I have the confidence to use a broad range of tools to continue in my recovery.

Thank you, Andrea.