Master Class

Watch my video about how a high fat, low carb diet can help improve your overall health.


What is a Paleo-Keto diet and why is it good for us?

28 Days to Optimal Health

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Gut Health

Learn about the importance of a healthy gut and how to health any previous damage.

Mitochondrial Health

Learn about your cells and how to become a fat burning animal.

Weight Loss

Loosing weight is more than focusing on calories. Find out how to healing the gut can help.

Digestive Disorders

What cuases digestive disorders and how can we cure them?


Feeling tired for no reason? The mitochondria in our cells are not functioning properly.


Our gut and how it communicates with our brain via the gut-brain axis plays a significant role when it comes to our anxiety levels.


Healing you gut can significantly reduced your symptoms and give you back an energtic body!


Autoimmune is a disease where instead of your immune system protecting your body from invaders, it turns around and attacks your cells, tissues and organs.