People commented on how well I looked

by Oct 22, 2019Testimonial0 comments

Andrea first mentioned the purify program on a 1-2-1 session just before my holiday. I watched the recording of Andrea’s gut health talk and upon my return, I arranged to discuss further. Having gained an extra few pounds on top of the already unwanted ones I was looking forward to find out more. Andrea explained the program thoroughly and I signed up. I needed to do something for me as due to personal family issues my needs were at the bottom of the pile. The program was very easy to follow and full support given by Andrea and the Purify Facebook group was also helpful. The first week was very easy. The second intensive week was probably the hardest for me as although not too bad in taste, having the Biome DT sachets twice a day was a bit much on a couple of days but I persevered. It was nicknamed pond water! I did not find myself hungry at all and the Biome Shake was filing and was very a nice flavour. The third week was easy too. All the purify foods are ones that I really enjoy so wasn’t any real effort at all. I just needed guiding in the right direction really, which Andrea regularly did. I started seeing results straight away and in the first week I had lost 4lbs. During the program people commented on how well I looked and how good my skin was. I reached the end of the program on Sunday 20th October and weighed and measured myself on the Monday morning. Overall weight loss was 10.5 pounds and 2.5 inches. I was more than happy with the results. Aside from this I have not felt so well both physically and mentally in a long time. Synergy recommend that you repeat the program every six months and I certainly will when the time comes. No more putting myself at the bottom of the pile!

– Julie Attard