Andrea Bremner was with us every step of the way

by Oct 22, 2019Testimonial0 comments

Wow! I’ve just completed the 21 Days Microbiome Purify Detox. I did the program with my daughter who is 18 and my mum who is 76! I must say embarking on this I had doubts in myself that I could complete it. I have never detoxed before and the thought of giving up “my favourite things” for 21 days was very daunting, but I did it! The sense of achievement is huge, I keep patting myself on the back. I found that I became more focused, disciplined and determined with my new healthy eating regime and I really miss the routine of it all! On the 2nd week of the program I found that my energy levels had become very high. After a few hours sleep at night I was waking up raring to go. After my 3 mile power walk I felt like I could jog round again! At night time usually I would be falling asleep at 10pm and now I am not feeling tired until midnight. Just having boundless energy. In 2016 I contracted salmonella poisoning in Turkey whilst on holiday. My gut had never been the same since, not being able to eat certain foods as this would upset my system. This has been very debilitating but since the 21 day program I have been able to go back to those foods and not have these symptoms. I had been on HRT for approximately 3 years. I’d run out of my tablets on the 19th September and as I was starting Purify on October 1st I decided to come off the tablets to see what would happen. Well I’ve now been off them for over 5 weeks and none of the signs of the Menopause have returned! Hallelujah! No more hot flushes, irritability, mood swings, low self esteem. Just brilliant! Having finished the program my taste buds and cravings have changed. I’m not craving bread, potatoes or milk chocolate which I used to love. I have discovered some amazing new recipes using the “Purify foods” and my daughter and I are continuing with those. I never felt hungry at all on the detox and even though I ate large amounts of purify foods, I still lost 9 lbs! Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to Andrea Bremner who was with us every step of the way giving us encouragement and information on the foods we could and couldn’t have. Even though the information with the purify kit was extensive and very helpful there were many times I’d be at the supermarket questioning a product, so I’d be back on the phone to Andrea and she was always there to help. So there you have it the “New Me”! It’s been very exciting and would highly recommend Purify to anyone who wants to heal themselves from the inside out.

– Debbie Pearson