It’s hard to explain but I did actually feel better during the detox

by Sep 16, 2019Testimonial0 comments

I was interested when my wife started talking about the microbiome, but I’m not someone for going along to ‘talks’. Fortunately Andrea had recorded her talk and I found it fascinating. As I’ve had several throat and chest infections every year for decades, and have really poor eating and drinking habits, I thought I’d give it a go. My wife and I did the 21 day Purify programme together, and I found doing the intense 7 day detox part of it quite difficult to start with, mainly because of fitting in the meals, snacks, tablets and shakes etc. to my routine at work. But I was determined and found it easier as I got more used to it. The hardest thing was no alcohol for those 7 days! But it has definitely been worth doing. It’s hard to explain but I did actually feel better during the detox, even though I had the mother of all sore throats – clearly the toxins which had built up over years coming back to haunt me. By the end I felt much better and lost a stone in the run up and during the 21 days. We’ve just had a fortnight’s holiday abroad and even though I’ve been drinking more again, I came home to find I’d lost another 6 lbs! Apparently this is because my body can actually process the fat now that I’ve detoxed. I plan on redoing the 21 days Purify shortly as I feel so much better already, but know that I was so full of toxins that I think I’d really benefit from a further detox.