Cooking Classes

Take The One-Day Paleo-Keto Cooking Class! 

Improve your Paleo-Keto (PK) cooking skills and learn more about a PK lifestyle with a 1-day PK Cookery Class!

Join Me For a Day of Paleo-Keto Cooking!

These take place in my paleo-keto kitchen in Farnham. We start at 10am on Saturdays and finish at 4pm.

You will learn why a paleo—keto lifestyle is good for optimal health and how you can seamlessly introduce it into your household. You will learn PK bread, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes. In addition to recipes you will learn how to cook PK style for optimal health and also how to introduce fasting into your daily life.

Weight loss will be discussed and explained how it is a natural side-effect of a PK lifestyle. Whilst learning how to achieve optimal health and to maintain it, I will also share with you how to deal with acute inflammatory illnesses.

Spaces are limited to just 6 participants, so if you are interested please Get In Touch with me asap to book your place.

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