In just 28 days it’s absolutely incredible what I’ve learnt about ‘health’ and how much one can help one’s body to function optimally, without changing very much. I thought I was a pretty healthy person with a good diet, until I started this education. Through Andrea’s 28-day program (largely about cutting out sugar and carbs from the diet, ie adopting a Paleo-Keto lifestyle, providing enormous benefits to the body’s immune system and helping it to function as it should), I have experienced a 62% improvement in my health.  I hadn’t realised that various symptoms had disappeared until Andrea pointed out what I’d complained of in my pre-program questionnaire.  The change has been subtle yet very easy to adapt to; the outcome has left me feeling full of energy, having trimmed up and lost excess pounds; I have pain-free joints and glowing skin. I am without any doubt a PK convert. Thank you Andrea.

– Juliet Lawrence