I heard about Andrea through a friend who had found the diet programme to be very beneficial. I mentioned it to my husband as he was keen to lose weight and also become generally healthier through diet and exercise.

I attended with my husband for the first face to face consultation with Andrea. Predominantly because I do the shopping and most of the cooking. I needed to understand the programme and how it worked. I also decided to follow the programme as I thought it would be easier to do it together and spur my husband on!

We didn’t find the 28 day programme difficult to follow but it was a different way of eating, which we actually enjoyed! My husband started to lose weight within the first week or so and continued to do so. I did not really lose much weight during the 28 days but lost a significant amount during the weeks to follow. When I started the programme I was happy to lose half a stone. I actually lost over a stone in weight which for my frame and age (70) was rather too much.

Since the initial 28 days we have continued to follow much of the programme but when socialising or just fancy having something off the programme, we don’t hesitate! I have now maintained the same weight for some months which I am happy with and I feel very well.

We really enjoyed the daily videos and having met Andrea I immediately thought that she is a shining example for the programme as she has glowing skin and is the picture of good health!

I have no hesitation in recommending Andrea for a consultation and have been recommending Andrea whenever it seems appropriate!

– Christine