We were both feeling very sluggish and tired a lot of the time and I have suffered with years of psoriasis and stomach problems, and Gary, my husband with his hip joints.

As luck would have it we were put in touch with a friend who had been on Andrea’s 28 day plan with her husband and they were both feeling amazing and had lost weight too as a result.

Our interest was aroused and so we had a free consultation with Andrea who told us the basis of the plan, and how it had literally saved her as she had been so poorly for so long, so we decided to bite the bullet and give it a go.

I won’t pretend that it’s the easiest to start with because you do give up a lot of things that you are used to, but as a result of this and all that we have learned, everything started to taste nicer and we were starting to see and feel our bodies changing inside and out which was a really nice feeling!

Now, my scalp psoriasis that has plagued me for over 45 years is disappearing, my stomach issues have gone, and Gary’s hip joints are so much better, in fact everything is becoming better!

We would say that if you really want to change things for the better then please give this a try, what could be more important than investing in your health and therefore your future.

Thank you SO much Andrea we really appreciate all of your help and support through this, it’s certainly opened our eyes.

With heartfelt thanks, Carol and Gary Mellor