I was recommended to Andrea by a friend who had already followed her 28 day programme with great success. At first I was reluctant to contact Andrea as I had already spent a lot of money with a London Nutrition based company trying to recover from SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth). Out of desperation really I asked, via Andrea’s website, for the free 20 minute phone call and Andrea called me that same afternoon. I was possibly a little bit straight with her as all I wanted to know was had she been able to help anyone suffering with SIBO, I didn’t want to waste anymore money. Andrea advised me she had in the past had success and went on to explain the two lots of very expensive antibiotics that the previous nutritionist had advised me to take were only acting as sticky plasters and not getting to the root of the problem ie. killing off the bad bacteria.

I had my first appointment the very next day and after talking with Andrea decided to follow her 28 day programme. I can’t recommend this enough, within a week the pain I had been suffering for a year had suddenly gone, I was eating a much wider variety of foods and could actually feel my body healing. I, like many others, thought I was eating a very healthy diet and also felt I knew a lot about nutrition as it has always interested me. Having finished Andrea’s program I now know everything I have read in the past isn’t correct. I cannot recommend Andrea enough, I can honestly say I really looked forward to my daily email and support from Andrea throughout the programme.

– Elaine Morris