Regenerative agriculture and animal husbandry are the next and higher stage of organic food and farming. Regeneration is now the hottest topic in the natural and organic food and farming sector, while climate activists regularly talk about the role of organic and regenerative practices in reducing agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.

Inside Regeneration International, which now includes 400 affiliates in more than 60 countries, our conversation has shifted to identifying regenerative and organic “best practices” around the globe.

Our goal is to strategize how we can help qualitatively expand and scale-up regenerative best practices so that organic and regenerative becomes the norm, rather than just the alternative, for the planet’s now degenerative multitrillion-dollar food, farming and land use system.

Either we move beyond merely treating the symptoms of our planetary degeneration and build instead a new system based upon regenerative food, farming and land use, coupled with renewable energy practices and global cooperation instead of belligerence.

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