As a busy professional it is important to know how to keep high levels of energy throughout the day. Therefore, my reason for looking to find a nutritional therapist was to learn what food is healthier for our human body to help me achieve this goal. I’m really glad I found Andrea. Her 28-day plan is incredibly helpful and packed full of eye opening information that will be useful for the rest of my life. Firstly, I gained noticeably more energy within three days of starting the 28-day plan, and most importantly, all of my cravings for comfort food disappeared. However, the best part of having more energy is that the energy levels lasted me throughout the day, it is not an energy rush that will last a few hours, it is sustained energy. Secondly, I did not have to make massive changes from one day to another. I started to gain benefits from the programme whilst still gradually learning and applying the new information that was provided in short online videos that were accompanied with clear instructions from the additional programme material. Finally, after a couple of months following and applying the newly gained knowledge, I learned that it was difficult to switch back to some of the food that I used to crave. Certain comfort food did not taste the same – it tasted plain, and I stopped wanting it as it did not give me any satisfaction. When my body got used to eating healthy, I started to crave more fresh food. I whole-heartedly recommend this plan, if you follow it as instructed, your body will tell you what to eat and when, and it will also help with weight loss.

Richard Ausmanis