I am a health care professional and have needed the help of Andrea for issues regarding IBS. When I started, I was barely able to get to work as my issues were so severe. I followed her advice to the letter…not the easiest advice to follow, to be honest, but what a great result! I thought, for years, that I was suffering with hay fever…turns out, I was affected badly by dairy products. I had an inflammatory condition in my right knee, which I thought was due to years of running on flat feet…but in fact, once I followed the dietary and nutrition advice from Andrea, my knee is 98% better and I am able to start to do yoga moves which I have avoided for 18 months or longer! As for the IBS, which was the original problem which led me to seek Andrea’s advice…so much, much better. I am feeling so much more energetic and sleep better, amongst other great side effects like losing weight, gradually, but I think that is certainly the better way. In conclusion, I would recommend Andrea and her nutritional therapy most highly and if you are considering this option….what are you waiting for? You will feel much better and be much less in pain and discomfort if you contact her and get the rest of your life as optimised as you possibly can. Five stars; extremely highly recommended.

Jane Swales