As women age, particularly in the time leading up to, during and after menopause, oestrogen levels naturally decline. This has a major effect on the body, but reduced oestrogen levels also cause significant changes to the structure and functions of the skin.

From the age of 18, women lose 1% of their collagen every year and for the first five years after menopause a further 30% of collagen is lost. The drop in collagen is what speeds up wrinkling and sagging.

While UVB is more harmful in the summer months, UVA, visible light and infrared-A can cause damage all year round. They can penetrate cloud and even glass, damaging skin cells and releasing millions of harmful free radicals deep into your skin.

The changes in oestrogen and collagen together with sunlight all cause the skin to age and wrinkle. However, there is new technology available that will help this. If you are interested, please get in touch.